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Contract Number
Contract Name
Award Date
C58837C1140-3Metro HQ Fire Pump Equipment Replacement ProjectIFB6/19/2019Awarded
PS66091_______Real Estate Appraisal Services Bench RFIQ Awarded
PS54007000Quality Management Consultant (QMC)RFP3/28/2019Awarded
PS67542Preparedness SpecialistRFP11/16/2020Awarded
OP64570000Liquid Waste Removal ServicesIFB12/10/2019Awarded
PS64807000Annual Financial Audit of Metro and its Component UnitsRFP5/4/2020Awarded
AE67946On-Call Highways Program Project DeliveryRFP Awarded
AE67946_On-Call Highways Program Project DeliveryRFP Awarded
AE67946__On-Call Highways Program Project DeliveryRFP Awarded
AE67946___On-Call Highways Program Project DeliveryRFP Awarded
C60373C1184Division 20 Traction Power Substation (PWT 2)IFB6/18/2019Awarded
PS66571-2004Regional Rail Strategic Financial Advisory On-Call Services, Discipline 1: Financial Advisory Support ServicesRFP10/22/2020Awarded
AE56752 001Planning and Environmental On-Call ServicesRFP5/23/2019Awarded
AE56752 005Planning and Environmental On-Call ServicesRFP5/23/2019Awarded
AE56752 004Planning and Environmental On-Call ServicesRFP5/23/2019Awarded
AE56752 003Planning and Environmental On-Call ServicesRFP5/23/2019Awarded
AE56752 002Planning and Environmental On-Call ServicesRFP5/23/2019Awarded
AE56752000Regional Rail Planning and Environmental On-Call ServicesRFP5/23/2019Awarded
PS63912Bike Hub Operations and MaintenanceRFP8/27/2020Awarded
C56872C1142Roof Replacement Project at Metro Divisions 11 and 22IFB5/31/2019Awarded
C59596C1136Div 20. Portal Widening TurnbackRFQ2/25/2020Awarded
C56481C1178000Design-Build of Division 18 Bus Washer No.1 ReplacementIFB3/1/2019Awarded
C54850C1175Division 1 Maintenance and Transportation Building RenovationsIFB1/17/2019Awarded
PS57065000Vanpool Program Access Database ConsultantRFP7/11/2019Awarded
C53142C1172-3Fire Alarm System Replacement at Various Divisions D/BIFB1/14/2020Awarded
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