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Contract Number
Contract Name
Award Date
EN66937Environmental Engineering ServicesRFP6/24/2021Awarded
PS85661G-Line BRT Improvements ProjectRFP10/3/2022Awarded
OP75416Commercial and Industrial Door Repair and Preventive Maintenance ServicesIFB9/23/2021Awarded
AE82218000Construction Management Support Services (CMSS) - East San Fernando Valley (ESFV) Light Rail Transit ProjectRFP8/25/2022Awarded
C88836C1218000Soundwall Package 10 Highway ProjectIFB2/14/2023Awarded
DB88458Metro Call Point PrototypesRFP6/21/2023Awarded
AE76301MC081Construction Management Support Services- Capital ProjectsRFP10/28/2021Awarded
PS84743East San Fernando Valley Light Rail Maintenance and StorageRFP8/25/2022Awarded
C90552C1220ESFV Advanced Utility Adjustment (AUA) DWP Power Design 1IFB11/4/2022Awarded
PS96427000Portable Toilet ServicesIFB7/27/2023Awarded
C1217Crenshaw/LAX Construction Punch Out WorkIFB8/4/2022Awarded
FY98248000Diesel Fuel & Renewable Diesel 99IFB7/1/2023Awarded
OP1788370008370Fence Repair and Maintenance ServicesRFP9/1/2021Awarded
PS91223-20002023 On-Board System-Wide Origin-Destination SurveyRFP4/27/2023Awarded
PS95419000Rideshare Support and Regulatory Compliance SupportRFP4/27/2023Awarded
DR78723-2Battery Chargers, Gold LineIFB12/23/2021Awarded
OP82131High Density Storage MachinesRFP1/24/2022Awarded
C75206C1166Rail to Rail Active Transportation CorridorIFB11/15/2021Awarded
C77307C1210Rosecrans / Marquardt Grade Separation ProjectIFB4/18/2022Awarded
PS81062Bus Engineering and Acquisition, Program Management, and Technical ServicesRFP5/2/2022Awarded
OP90742-2000Vertical CarouselsIFB12/7/2022Awarded
DR8110535-Ton Tow Trucks, CNG and Diesel FuelIFB3/1/2022Awarded
OP75279-2OP75279-2 Metro Green Line Traction PowerIFB4/29/2022Awarded
OP42417000Decorative Water Fountain MaintenanceRFP8/1/2023Awarded
OP749030003367Operations and Maintenance of Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Stations at Divisions 1, 3, 5, 7, 10 and 18RFP3/1/2022Awarded
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