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Intent To Award Date
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Solicitation Number
Contract Name
Intent To Award Date
PS67520IT Security EngineerKaygen4/20/2020
OP63482-2ExpressLanes Channelizers and EpoxyStatewide Traffic Safety and Signs3/5/2020
PS70083Operations and Maintenance for SoCal511 Website and Mobile ApplicationAxiom xCell, Inc.9/9/2020
PS93853USI Insurance Services 1/2/2020
PS66091___________________Real Estate Appraisal Services Bench Santolucito Dore Group, Inc. 8/27/2020
PS60032Photo Enforcement Program Redflex9/26/2019
PS51236Metro Express Lanes Customer Service Center OperationsFaneuil, Inc. 1/4/2019
PS61364IT Security/Risk Remediation and Compliance Process DevelopmentRegents and Park7/8/2019
OP67346Hybrid Mid Size SedansPMG/Longo Toyota2/27/2020
MA67685A650 Front and Rear End DoorsMILWAUKEE COMPOSITES, INC.6/19/2020
PS66091Real Estate Appraisal Services BenchBTI Appraisal 8/27/2020
PS58984-2Federal Advocacy ServicesCliff Madison Govt. Relations6/27/2019
PS58984-2Federal Advocacy ServicesHolland and Knight6/27/2019
PS58984-2Federal Advocacy ServicesKadesh & Associates6/27/2019
PS58984-2Federal Advocacy ServicesNossaman LLP6/27/2019
PS58907-3BVMS UpgradeindutrialEnet6/28/2019
MA53984P2550 Propulsion Inverter Phase Module OverhaulAMEPOWER, INCORPORATED4/4/2019
PS51755Enterprise Asset Management System Software Acquisition and Software Support Services21Tech LLC7/5/2019
PS62790Congestion Pricing Feasibility Study Technical Services WSP USA, Inc. 9/6/2019
C52151C1169-2Metro Center Street Design/Build ProjectS.J. Amoroso Construction Co., Inc2/27/2020
PS66100MC076Metro Street Center Construction Support ServicesCenter Street Partners JV10/12/2020
PS53510Workers Compensation Investigation ServicesAlly Investigations, Inc. 3/1/2019
PS53510Workers' Compensation Investigation ServicesAtlas Claims Investigation LLC3/1/2019
PS53510Workers' Compensation Investigation ServicesBurton Investigations3/1/2019
PS53510Workers' Compensation Investigation ServicesESV Investigations3/1/2019
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