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Intent To Award Date
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Solicitation Number
Contract Name
Intent To Award Date
PS87006Transit Signal Priority SystemKimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.12/1/2022
PS73744-2Safety Transportation All RidersMobility Management Partners7/13/2021
PS43815Customer Experience Research Services BenchBarrios and Associates, LLC dba Communications Lab3/1/2023
PS43815Customer Experience Research Services BenchEMC Research, Inc3/1/2023
PS43815Customer Experience Research Services BenchETC Institute3/1/2023
PS43815Customer Experience Research Services BenchHispanispace, LLC dba ThinkNow Research3/1/2023
PS43815Customer Experience Research Services BenchMaroon Society, Inc.3/1/2023
PS43815Customer Experience Research Services BenchQuantum Market Research, Inc3/1/2023
PS43815Customer Experience Research Services BenchRedhill Group, Inc.3/1/2023
OP86660Metro Red and Purple Line Mainline Fastener Replacement Transdev Rail, Inc.8/26/2022
OP82170A650 Low Voltage Power Supply (LVPS) PurchaseKiepe Electric LLC8/26/2022
DB88458Metro Call Point PrototypesBirdi Systems, Inc.6/5/2023
PS92354BI Tech SupportHammond Consulting9/29/2022
PS80828-2EBS Support ServicesKaygen7/14/2022
PS92810-2State Advocacy Services 2023Aprea & Micheli12/31/2022
PS92810-2State Advocacy Services 2023Fernandez Government Solutions12/31/2022
PS92810-2State Advocacy Services 2023Robert W. Naylor12/31/2022
PS92810-2State Advocacy Services 2023Shaw Yoder Antwih Schmelzer & Lange12/31/2022
PS84667I-105 ExpressLanes CM/GCFlatiron-Myers, JV8/25/2022
PS67450I-10 Expresslanes Extension Investment T&R StudyCDM Smith, Inc.10/19/2021
PS86284Metro Expresslanes On-Call Traffic and Revenue SupportCDM Smith, Inc.4/27/2023
PS84734Diversity and Inclusion Council SurveyAkima Consulting, LLC5/16/2022
PS75942Labor Compliance Monitoring Services BenchJaquith Consulting Group11/1/2022
PS75942Labor Compliance Monitoring Services BenchTSG Enterprises, Inc. dba The Solis Group11/1/2022
PS75942Labor Compliance Monitoring Services BenchPerceptive Enterprises, Inc11/1/2022
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