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Policies & Procedures


Policy and Procedure Manual (APPM) consolidates all acquisition policies and procedures into a comprehensive reference book for staff and outside parties having an interest in the acquisition process. The APPM includes an Acquisition Policy Statement, ACQ-01 (Chapter One) adopted by the Board of Directors on February 1, 2010, and implementing procedures, ACQ-02 (Chapter 2-et seq.) issued by the business unit. In the event of a conflict between ACQ – 01 and ACQ – 02' ACQ – 01 shall apply. For more detail on these policies, click the links ACQ-01 and ACQ-02

Adopted in 2010 by Metro’s Board of Director, ACQ-1 incorporates all polices that govern the acquisition process and includes the guiding principles and structures for things such as delegation of acquisition authority, establishes acquisition thresholds, and Board control for funding commitments for acquisition actions.


Recently updated and re-adopted in May 2021, ACQ-2 provides guidance on the acquisition procedures and best practices for staff to follow when engaged in the various stages of acquiring goods and services. It has been developed to promote the use of good business practices, to ensure meeting government requirements, and to provide a more efficient, effective and consistent acquisition process while achieving goals and determining responsibility, accountability, and transparency for the organization.


Metro has established a discretionary program that will set-asidecontracting opportunities for medium-size businesses (MSZs) to compete with similar size firms. This program addresses the gap between small and large businesses by creating opportunities where only MSZs will compete on non-federally funded competitive low bid and competitive negotiated solicitations.