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Metro's Contractor Pre-Qualification Program


Metro’s Contractor Pre-Qualification Program is our way of getting to know the companies and individuals we do business with. We ensure that the companies and its owners or officers are of high integrity and that the company is viable and financially able to support the work involved. In this regard, we ask you to fill out an application (available in the forms section) in which we ask you about the company’s ownership, its background, and financial capabilities.  In addition, documentation such as financial statements for the last three years and any applicable licenses are required to be submitted with your application. The Pre-Qualification process is unrelated to other certification requirements which are handled and overseen by the DEOD unit (i.e., DBE or SBE).

All documentation submitted with the prequalification application is treated as confidential and is protected from public disclosure by California law. 

We ask that the application be completed by anyone seeking to do business with Metro which meets or exceeds $100,000. This requirement includes contractors, consultants, first-tier subcontractors, and direct suppliers to Metro. The requirement is contract specific thus, we do not accept “General” applications.

Currently, the notarization requirement remains suspended at this time for Pre-Qualification application and validations. 

Please note that during our review, we may request additional information from you or contact you to clarify any items regarding your background or financial status. Companies failing to submit a complete application or not responding to our follow-up requests for information (e.g., clarifications, financial statements), etc. can lead the Contracting Officer to declare those firms as non-responsive and ineligible for award.  

If your firm is already pre-qualified, this status is good for two years. During that time, already pre-qualified companies need only to submit the one-page validation form (available in the forms section), together with the latest financial statements (if applicable) and any other updating information as appropriate.  If the company’s pre-qualification status is due to expire within 30 days of the proposed award date of a contract, a new application will be required. 

Should you have any questions regarding the pre-qualification process, you may contact us at 213-922-4130 or by email at Pre-Qual@metro.net.