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Metro Connect

Metro Connect. Our commitment to small business success.

Welcome to Metro Connect, our commitment to small business success. This site is designed to give small businesses like yours a direct route to working and growing with Metro.

Click on the links to the right to access tools and resources that are designed to support your business’ growth, such as networking events, an online Toolkit, and certification information. You can also view current contracting opportunities, or visit the 12-Month Look Ahead page to see future opportunities.

Not sure where to start? Check out the Six Steps to Doing Business with Metro and register as a vendor to stay connected.

To search for certified DBE, SBE or LSBE firms, click here: https://metro.gob2g.com


Come grow with us.


Why does Metro invest in working with small businesses? We know from experience that the ingenuity, risk-taking and skills of small businesses are propelling the region’s economic development. Here at Metro, we need small businesses to help build, operate and maintain our fast-growing transportation system.

Using the resources on this site, we hope you learn more about how our small and disadvantaged business certifications can open the door to greater opportunities for you.




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