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Small Business Prime (Set Aside)





Metro Accepts Electronic IFBs and RFPs Bids/Proposals

Metro will now accept IFBs and RFPs bids and proposals submitted electronic at bids@metro.net. This email address is exclusively reserved for the submission of IFBs and RFPs bids and proposals. Any other communications must be submitted directly to the Contract Administrator, Buyer, DEOD, Ethics, Risk Management, and or Pre-Qualification Office accordingly. To learn more click  instructions to electronically submit bids and proposals.

New Visitor Registration Process at Metro Headquarters

Metro has implemented an electronic visitor management system at its Headquarter location. As always, please allow a little extra time when delivering or picking up items. 

For a preview of the system visit: https://www.youtube.com/watchv=HLRVns5aMUg&feature=youtu.be.

Open Small Business Prime (Set Aside) Solicitations

To get more information on a specific solicitation, click on the solicitation number.  From the Solicitation Summary page, click on the "Download" button located at the bottom of the page to obtain the Solicitation package. To sort the information below, hover over the desired column title and click on the up and down arrow. To print the Open Solicitations list, click on the "Download into PDF" button.

If you are using Internet Explorer and experiencing problems, please use the Google Chrome browser. To download Chrome, click here.

For instructions to download a solicitation, click here.

Please call 213.922.1037 or email Vendor Relations for assistance.


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Solicitation Number
Solicitation Title
Due Date
Issue Date
RQ81421BEARING - JOURNAL, AXLE, BREDA P2550RFQ01-Oct-2021, 14:16:5724-Sep-2021Active
PS74307-2Audio Production ServicesRFP25-Oct-2021, 14:00:0024-Sep-2021Active
RQ81391o-ringRFQ01-Oct-2021, 08:15:0024-Sep-2021Active
PS80741Federal Advocacy Professional ServicesRFP21-Oct-2021, 14:00:0024-Sep-2021Active
RQ81365GLAZING - SIDE WINDOW, WINDOWS AND WINDSHIELD INSTL.RFQ30-Sep-2021, 09:00:0023-Sep-2021Active
RQ81271CONTACTOR ASM - FILTER CHARGE (FCC), 1,000 VOLT, 950 AMP, GE PROPULSION, OPTIONRFQ28-Sep-2021, 09:00:0021-Sep-2021Active
RQ81260GLASS - SIDEDOOR WINDOW, DOOR PANEL ASM. RH & LHRFQ28-Sep-2021, 09:00:0021-Sep-2021Active
RQ81181MIRROR ASM LEFT & RIGHT SIDES 192232 192236 A22RFQ27-Sep-2021, 06:49:1121-Sep-2021Active
DR77374Sit-Down Floor ScrubberIFB29-Oct-2021, 13:00:0016-Sep-2021Active
PS77574-2Video Wall System and Q & A No. 1 updated 09/22/21IFB06-Oct-2021, 12:00:0015-Sep-2021Active
PS80576ITS Security Engineer ServicesRFP05-Oct-2021, 14:00:0014-Sep-2021Active
OP80176TASC Radio System Network Management SystemRFP06-Oct-2021, 13:00:0003-Sep-2021Active
PS77647ITS SERVICES BENCH 2021 and Q & A No.1 -5 and Amendments No.1 -2 updated 09/15/21RFQ07-Oct-2021, 14:00:0012-Aug-2021Active
C77307C1210Rosecrans/Marquardt Grade Separation Project and Q & A No.1-5 and Amendment No.1-4 and Pre-Bid Conference Summary updated 09/24/21IFB29-Sep-2021, 14:00:0009-Aug-2021Active
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Small Business (SB) Prime solicitations are set-aside for Metro Small Business Enterprise (SBE) certified firms. Offerors are hereby notified that Bids/Proposals may only be submitted by certified SBE firms in accordance with Metro's SB Prime Program. Firms eligible for the SB Prime Program must be Metro certified by the bid/proposal due date.

This information is provided as a service to those who want access to Metro through this site. The information contained in this system is subject to change at any time. Please call 213.922.1037 or email Vendor Relations for assistance.



At Metro, a formal solicitation is any procurement over $150,000 in contract value and any Public Work solicitation over $25,000 in contract value, based on what is authorized by the FTA.  

This information is typically available on Metro's Vendor Portal under "Solicitations > Open Solicitations"

Results may be posted on the Bid Tabulation tab under "Solicitations > Bid Tabulations"


At Metro, an informal solicitation/simplified procurement is any procurement under $150,000 in contract value, based on what is authorized by the FTA.

This information and the results ARE NOT available on Metro's Vendor Portal. 


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