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12-Month Look Ahead




The information listed on this page is a preview of  Metro's planned solicitations for the next twelve months.  The information is subject to change at any time without notice. Please call 213.922.1037 or email Vendor Relations if you need assistance.


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Proposed Advertising Month
Project Title
Estimated Cost
Solicitation Type
Type of Work
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Proposed Advertising Month
Project Title
Estimated Cost
Solicitation Type
Type of Work
Posting Date
04/2023Electric Insulating Safety Gloves Certification ServicesTBD<100KIFBProfessional ServicesMaintenance12/2/2022
04/2023Axle StandTBD<100KIFBEquipmentMaintenance12/2/2022
04/2023Air Over Hydraulic JacksTBD<100KIFBEquipmentMaintenance12/2/2022
04/2023Construction Management Support Services (North Hollywood to Pasadena Transit Corridor)TBD25 Million-100 MillionRFPProfessional ServicesProgram Management11/2/2022
04/2023West Santa Ana Branch - Advanced Preliminary Engineering TBD25 Million-100 MillionRFPProfessional ServicesProgram Management1/26/2023
04/20232023 Bus and Rail Roadeos - tables, tents, chairs, and event equipment rental532299; 532289<100KRFPProfessional ServicesTransit Operations2/22/2023
04/2023Hydraulic Wheel Dolly TBD<100KIFBEquipmentMaintenance12/2/2022
04/2023North Hollywood to Pasadena BRT First/Last Mile Plan541990500K-3 MillionRFPProfessional ServicesCountywide Planning & Development2/1/2023
04/20232023 Bus and Rail Roadeo Promotional Items541430<100KRFPProfessional ServicesTransit Operations2/22/2023
04/2023CCTV Observer Uniforms424330; 424320<100KRFPProfessional ServicesTransit Operations2/22/2023
04/2023Bus ScaffoldTBD100K-500KIFBEquipmentMaintenance12/2/2022
04/2023Motorized Hydraulic Transmission JackTBD<100KIFBEquipmentMaintenance12/2/2022
05/2023Underground Storage Tank Leak Detection Certification & Vapor Recovery TestingTBD100K-500KIFBProfessional ServicesMaintenance11/3/2021
05/2023Broadway BRT AA/CEQA Environmental Clearance541990; 541320; 541330; 5416203 Million-25 MillionRFPProfessional ServicesCountywide Planning & Development9/1/2022
05/2023West Santa Ana Branch - Program Management Construction Management TBD25 Million-100 MillionRFPProfessional ServicesProgram Management1/26/2023
06/2023LA River Path (LARP) projectTBD100 Million-500 MillionRFPConstructionProgram Management9/15/2022
06/2023EB SR-91 Atlantic to Cherry Improvementsn/a25 Million-100 MillionIFBConstructionProgram Management3/4/2022
06/2023Supplemental Engineering Servicesn/a25 Million-100 MillionRFPProfessional ServicesProgram Management5/27/2022
06/2023TOC Corridor Baseline Assessments925120; 541720; 813319; 5413103 Million-25 MillionRFPProfessional ServicesCountywide Planning & Development2/1/2021
06/2023Hazardous and Universal Waste DisposalTBD100K-500KRFPProfessional ServicesMaintenance12/2/2022
06/2023LARP Construction Management Support ServicesTBD25 Million-100 MillionRFPProfessional ServicesProgram Management1/26/2023
08/2023Spent Fluorscent Light Tube Recycling562211100K-500KRFPProfessional ServicesMaintenance6/3/2022
12/2023West Santa Ana Branch - Utility and Freight RelocationTBD100 Million-500 MillionRFQ/RFPConstructionProgram Management11/2/2022
12/2023I-605 Beverly Interchange ImprovementsNone3 Million-25 MillionIFBConstructionProgram Management3/4/2022
01/2024WB SR-91 Shoemaker to Alondra Improvementsn/a100 Million-500 MillionIFBConstructionProgram Management3/4/2022
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Lobbyist: Vendors may not engage project managers in any discussion regarding the subject procurement unless the vendor is a registered lobbyist. Further information concerning what constitutes lobbying, who is considered a lobbyist, how and when to register, and what constitutes permissible lobbying.

Blackout Periods: Vendors may only contact the solicitation's assigned Contract Administration (CA) or Buyer during the “blackout period.” The communication blackout period shall commence when (1) the procurements solicitation documentation is issued and shall continue until staff makes public the recommendation for award; and (2) when a protest on the recommendation or procurement is filed with Metro and continue until the notice of determination is issued by Metro. During the blackout period, all inquiries related to the solicitation must be directed to the CA/Buyer. Contacting the project managers or any other staff member other than the CA/Buyer during the blackout period may lead to the vendor’s debarment. 

Organizational Conflicts of Interest: In order to avoid an organizational conflict of interest, a vendor may not participate in competition for a Metro procurement if that vendor developed or assisted in developing any part of a specification, requirement, statement of work, invitation for bid and/or request for proposal on that same procurement.

This information is provided as a service to those who want access to Metro through this site. The information contained in this system is subject to change at any time. Please call 213.922.1037 or email Vendor Relations if you need assistance.